Artist Statement

My work seeks out the spaces where clash creates the wonderful and surreal at the frontiers of homogenised Western society – Be it in wide open deserts or in densely packed urban spaces.  Where contradiction creates upheaval and change.  Where the chaotic and abstract evolve.  Where the end of one cycle gives birth to something transformative that is always innately beautiful.  I am driven to capture the process of renewal that on a larger scale are reflected in the rhythms of nature and life

Education & Work

Originally completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Photojournalism at the London College of Communication (formerly the London College of Printing) in 2001,
I have worked mainly as a news and editorial photographer but have also branched extensively into commercial and fashion photography. Originally based in London and then Nairobi, I am now permanently based in Cape Town, South Africa and run a professional studio there.

Historic work as a photojournalist included publication in a wide variety of media outlets, international magazines and newspapers.
I have worked extensively with various photo agencies and news wire services mainly but not exclusive to Reuters, Polaris Images and Africa Media Online (AMO).

Commissioned assignments included extensive work for a wide range of UN agencies (UNAIDS, UN-WHO, UN-WFP and UN OCHA-Somalia amongst others) and non-profit organisations (such as the Clinton Foundation and Save the Children). Commercial work included assignments for advertising agencies Ogilvy & Mather and Nuturn Bates in Kenya and multinational companies such as Old Mutual, Shell Oil, British American Insurance and British American Tobacco.

Projects & Awards

On the back of completing the Northern Lights Masterclass in Groningen, in the Netherlands in 2011/12 under the esteemed tutelage of Marc Prust and Lars Boering (currently Managing Director of the World Press Photo Awards), I have shifted focus to socio-documentary art photography with an eye to creating photo books and exhibition work. I have worked on three long-term projects to date – ‘The Other Side’(2011-2015), ‘A Changing Landscape’ (2015-) and ‘Everyday Life on an African Housing Estate’ (2012).

‘Everyday Life on an African Housing Estate’ was a project undertaken in Mombasa, Kenya as part of the Masterclass. It received 3 Merit Awards at the International Loupe Awards in 2012. ‘The Other Side’ is a 3-year focus on a colored community in South Africa and a more general look at how barriers of race and wealth affect the community and landscape. It received a number of nominations and honourable mentions at the International Loupe Awards in 2013 and at the 7th and 8th International Color Awards in 2014 and 2015 in the People, Photojournalism and Children of the World categories.

An image from the collection attained a 3rd Place Honour of Distinction in the latter category in 2014.

Other award schemes include various merit awards since 2012 at the International Aperture and Loupe Awards, various nominations at the Photography Masters and International Color Awards since 2012 and honourable mentions in awards schemes including the Prix de la Photographie Paris (Px3) Awards for photojournalistic work undertaken.

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